German arts school:

Jurgen Teller- Photo diaries- Fashion photographer- snapshots

Wolfgang Tillsman- Fashion photographer- diaries- honesty- doesn’t like arty photohraphy

Albert Rener Patzsch- Commercial photographer- ‘photography should be art’

August Sander- Pre world war one photographer- recorded people emotions through photography- commercial photographer- followed the German economic collapse

Bernd Becher- Objective- Documentation- Compairing architecture

Thomas Ruff- Studio photographer- Large 6ft photographs- Compares people

Thomas Pemand- Creates reality- ‘photos can trick you’


Most expensive photo ever sold, ¬£340,000- massive scale photos- High angles, Far away, panoramics, edits photos- classic Victorian composition, dull, globalisation- Gursky’s photos can’t be replecated- when reality doesn’t look right he creates it


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