Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is an American photographer best known for her portraits. She likes to shoot her self and models in all her photographs she likes to create different personas for herself, her work could be used in my alter ego work as she exposes part of her in her costumes. 931e449228f1f4ca184bb01e176fc00203ea6582


Jacques Lartique

Jacques Henry Lartique was a french photographer working during the ‘le belle equque’ era. (1890-1914) His best work was Taken in his early years from the age of seven he took family portraits this developed in his adolescence when he began to capture photos of the glamorous women of Paris. When the president of France bought Lartique’s entire collection he discovered over 250,000 negatives and 130 albums of work. His work was described as ‘a unique record of personal and social history,’ as well as ‘a day spent with out his camera was a day in the dark.’ 591b5a0d1cbfe0f9bdce77759633228736f7ce6d lartigue_boulougne

Corrine day

Corrine day was a British fashion and documentary photographer born in 1962. She became a model when she was seven-teen and quickly learned how to use a camera starting her career as a photographer. She began photographing for fashion magazines like vogue. After her career as a fashion photographer she starter to be involved in documentary photographs first touring with the band pusherman. Her photo diary work was quickly compared to the work of Nan Goldin as it included themes such as drugs and sex, making her work very controversial. During the 2000s she returned to fashion photography but late in the decade she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died the next year

Nan Goldin

Goldin was born in the USA in 1953, when she was only young her sister committed suicide after this she felt like she wanted to capture moments forever using photography. She used this philosophy to develop her style of photography which was a snapshot style. She began to create many photo diaries which she described as ‘A diary I let people read.’ Her photos often include strong themes like drugs and sex which led to her to be considered very controversial. She often liked to present her work in the form of a slideshow at film festivals which made her work seem more personal to her audience