The thing in my pocket

My first three images I have taken I took the theme quite literally and photographed items that were close to me. One of the images is of my fisheye lens I thought this was good as it is my favourite lens so I always have it close to me. Another one of these photos show my broken phone, I took this as I always have my phone in my pocket and the fact that my phone is cracked could show something about me. I used different backgrounds in each of these images instead of using a generic white background this is to make my images stand out and make them seem less perfect. I tried taking a photo of fisheye from the side but you could not tell what the lens is so I decided to take the photo from the top so you can see the curvature of the lens. I also tried using other objects to photograph but I felt like they didn’t say enough about the subject for example a wallet. I took these images by placing the objects in the subjects hands and focusing on the objects. For these three images I used the work of Alexandra Strada to inspire me, her work at care homes shows residents holding photos that are close to them i gave this an update by using everyday objects that are close to them such as the car key.

DSC_0076 DSC_0075 DSC_0074 DSC_0068

My fourth image is a photo of my subject showing me that there’s nothing in his pocket whilst swearing at me. I took this photo by focusing on the subjects hand, I also edited this photo by turning the vibrance down to create a low colour photo I did this so only the brightest colours stand out and to give the photo an old feel. The photo was taken of the subjects waist and hand I did this to not show the subject so you have to find things out about them from the little details in the picture. The subject is wearing a cross on their wrist hinting that they may be religious but this is a contrast to the gesture that the subject is giving. My idea for this first photo was just to have the subject showing their empty pockets but I though it would be better for them to swear at me it this shows more about their personality.


My fifth picture was inspired by the project ‘Creative contents’ by an unknown photographer in his photos he shows a picture of a person above their belongings. I tried to adapt on this by using a studio photo of myself faded in with my belongings. To do this I layered the two images to get and changed the opacity to fifty percent. I liked the idea of showing both a person and their belongings but I didn’t like the idea of how creative contents were set out so I decided to develop that idea. To improve this photo I would edit the image so you can only see the objects that are inside the studio image, I feel that this would have worked better because the amount of objects in the photo are distracting from the main image.


The last image was loosely inspired by the images of John Rensten, his images show words in people hands but they are shot in a studio setting which makes them seem ‘perfect.’ I wanted to add my own style to these photos so I wrote scribbled words on ripped pieces of paper. This adds a slightly darker tone to it and the use of contrasting words in each hand suggests a struggle between two sides of a person.