Mark Laita’s ‘created equal’ project explores a range of different societys’. He places two black and white photos side by side, these photos feature characters with contrasting elements such as their lives and cultures. I like that the contrasts aren’t always obvious and you have too find whats different between them. The use of black and white are also interesting as it helps to make the characters look similar.

I contacted Latia and asked him to comment on his work, the following quotes are Latia’s own comments. ‘created equal is different from my other work in that it’s not politically correct. Perhaps it’s a reaction to all the years of working for advertising cliwnts, producing work that was pleasing to look at. Almost all commercial work has a committee or focus group making certain that the end result is “nice.” I felt the need to produce something that was raw and real, as life truly is, not what we aspire to. ‘Each photo is almost interchangeable.’ These quotes tell us more about his work and how he feels about it, he calls his photos ‘interchangeable’ by this he means that there are loads of contrasts within modern society and by changing the comparisons between his photos you can see these contrasts.



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