Decisive Moments

1962- Russian missile sites in Cuba provoke America

U2 spy planes sent over Cuba to get photos and look for missile sites as evidence


1963- William Hundson takes photos for the Associated press of civil rights protest in America

The media helped the civil rights movement as police didn’t want evidence of what was happening

Hudson’s photos helped changed the public opinions on the civil rights movement, the also helped influence the legislation that was later passed.


1960’s- Veitnam war in full swing during the whole of the 60’s

Larry Burrows worked for life magazine and covered the war in Vietnam for nine years

His iconic photos helped changed the publics opinion on the war and ultimately helped end it larry-butrrows-james-farley

1970- John Filo’s iconic photo was used as a major symbol for the protest moment in America


1969- Apollo Moon Landings: Earthrise was an iconic photo that showed the earth just over the moon and was the first photo showing what earth looked like from space



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