David Bailey

David Bailey was considered the most famous of these three, his photographic career started in 1959 when he became an assistant at the John French studio, just a year later he became a full photographer for them. In late 1960 Bailey began work for English vogue magazine where he would spend the majority of his career. His photos (along with Duffy and Donovan’s) are not only fashion photographs but they helped document ‘the swinging sixties’ and the culture of that era. Bailey ascended through vogue very quickly and at the height of his work with Vogue he was producing eight hundred pages per year. Bailey also worked as a freelance photographer in the 1960’s his rise to fame was quickly cemented when he became friends with celebrities from this era including the Beatles and Mick Jagger. This was proven when he released his project box of pinups, this was a collection of studio portraits of the most famous people of this era it included people like the notorious Kray twins. This is my personal favourite of all his works as the way they are shot and the people in them see really natural and real. From these photos you can get a feel of the people in them and what they may be like, the crops and lighting in these photos are perfect making the picture seem complete.

CIS:E.2047:24-2004 blog2


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