Horst Faas

Horst Faas was a German photographer born in 1933. He began his photography work in 1951. His most famous work came when he began photographic the Vietnam War for the Associated press. He won two Pulitzer prizes for the photographs he produced and went on to cover multiple conflicts including Bangladesh.  My favourite image of his is of an American soldier in a ditch with two children staring at his grenade launcher. Each one of the characters in this photo has really powerful emotions, which makes you feel apart of the unfolding story. I also like the contrast of the calm motionless water and the situation unfolding in and around it. I also like his ‘war is hell’ photo, this photo shows a seemingly happy American solider staring at the camera with ‘war is hell, written on his helmet. This is a really powerful photo as the words written on the helmet contrast his facial emotions; his eye contact with the camera also makes it more personal to us the audience. It’s clear that in the majority of Faas’s photos he uses people’s emotions and facial expressions I would like to use this in my own 60’s photos but in a different context.

2892943_original VIETNAM U.S. WAR IS HELL


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