My 1960’s fashion image was heavily inspired by photographers David Bailey, Terrance Donovan and Brian Duffy, I tried to use their signature styles and techniques in my own work as well as adding my own spin to it. In the original image some of the studio was showing so I started by cropping the image I removed the side of image and then continued to crop the top of the head, this was common practice by the photographers from the era as it made the image seem like more of a natural photo or a snapshot. I then proceeded to make the image black and white and turned the contrast up I did these things to make the image seem more like something shot in the era, I like the use of contrast as it greatly helps to add a sense of depth to the images and makes it easier to tell the model from the background. Before adding black and white to this image I brightened the subject’s eyes adding more emphasis to this part of the face and drawing the viewers’ attention to them.


With the model herself I got her to reproduce a famous image of the era; the image of Christine Keeler sitting in a chair I added to this image though by keeping the models clothes on to portray more of a fashion photo. I like the way that the Keller was looking directly at the camera addressing the viewer and used this in my own photo. I though the lighting in the original photo was too dark and made the model seem venerable I didn’t want this in my image so I had a single soft box light aimed directly at the model to make the lighting seem more clean and crisp. Too make this image better I could have spent more time setting the image up and used better props.

DSC_0187 imageaxd final1


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