Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy’s professional career began in 1955 when he became a freelance fashion photographer, during his freelance career he applied for an assistant job with John French and b began work at the Carlton studios, following this in 1957 Duffy was hired by English Vogue he worked there until 1963. Along with Bailey and Donovan he developed new ideas about photographers and he was quoted as saying: ‘Before 1960, a fashion photographer was tall, thin and camp. But we three are different: short, fat and heterosexual!’ Although most famous for his work with Vogue he also worked for many newspapers and magazines including Town Magazine, Queen Magazine and glamour Magazine Esquire. While most of Duffy’s work took place in a studio setting he also took some of his models around cities like London to take photos of the clothes where they would be worn. This is my favourite part of his work as it shows the clothes and models in a setting that they would be worn and makes his photos seem more real.



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