Silvia Gray

Silvia Gray’s photos can defiantly be considered surrealism as each one feels like a dream and makes you feel like you are part of that dream. The three main areas covered in surrealism are sex, religion and death and within all of Gray’s photos she covers these. In one of Gray’s photos there is a woman preying from the neck down she is a x-ray, this image is very surreal it covers two of the main themes, the fact that liquid is oozing from her makes it feel like she’s in water or floating re-enforcing the dream like feel of it. All of Gray’s photos feature a woman and mostly feature them in a venerable position, all of her photos are also in black and white she has done this too make her images seem more unreal. Another one of Gray’s photos feature an empty chair featuring what seems to resemble a form of smoke, this could be a reference to what many believe happens after death: becoming a spirit.

silvia-3 tumblr_mwlfr1QcgF1qa4iv8o3_1280

Technically Gray’s work is outstanding, the lighting used in her work is always very good, with it always creating the effect she wants. Her post production of her work is where she really stands out everything is made perfectly and fits what she is trying to achieve. I really like Gray’s work as a whole as it perfectly fits what she’s trying to achieve in a really unique way, the way she not only takes these images but edits them afterwards is very unique and makes her work almost seem like it’s not a photograph.



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