Kara’s Flapz

Kara Flazz’s photograph ‘unity’ explores equality in the most obvious way possible. In the picture a white hand is interlocked with a black hand, this shows that these two people are now together and they each represent one race. This photo is very boring and simple, however it has been shot and edited perfectly: the photo is black and white and has a low contrast, this makes it seemingly hard to tell which one is a white person and which one is black. This is very effective and putting the point across about equality and unity as they both seem the same. The picture is also perfectly composed, it is a square format and each hand is cut off at the wrist, the photographer has done this to not reveal anything more about the subject making them seem as similar as possible, this is also the reason why both the subjects aren’t wearing and jewellery or watches. I like how the photographer has shot it against a black background as it gives the photo a seemingly darker tone, however if I shot this photo I would use a lighter background to give it less of an angry tone. I like Flazz’s photograph and the simplicity of it but within my own work I hope to expand on the photo and make it seem less hateful. ideologies_4b8d75fed90ac_hires


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