Bruce Ely

Bruce Ely is sports photographer from Oregon, USA who works with many pro sports teams including the NBA team the Portland Trail Blazers. He states: ‘my passion is to show the quiet story telling moments of sport’’ you can see this in his portrait photos. His team portraits for the Trail Blazers are technically well shot the lighting is very flat making the images seem very clean, I like the way the bright lighting contrast the use of a black background, this gives the image a sense of depth. The light its self is set up at an angle which creates a small shadow across the subjects faces, I like the effect this gives and would like to use this in my own portrait images.

The way the subjects are positioned makes the images different to the average sports portraits, The photos of Damien Lillard are his best. The first image of Lillard shows him looking directly at the camera making the image personal to the viewer, his positioning makes him look powerful and aggressive, intimidating the viewer almost like he is asking us to challenge him. The second photo of Lillard is my personal favourite he is looking away from the camera at his basketball; this is strange as the other portraits are all directly addressed. He is also hugging his basketball like it’s his life and he doesn’t want to see it gone, unlike the other portraits he looks venerable. I hope to use the expressions and positioning of the subjects in my portraits.


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