James Cannon

James Cannon is a sports English photographer currently living in London he has worked with many professional sports companies including Nike and Redbull. His portrait work is some of his best and he works with athletes from a range of different sports like Cycling, Racing and Basketball. His portrait photos for the London Lions basketball team are unique as they are taken on location at the team court. Cannon took the team photograph at the court and use flashes to light the foreground of the photo and darken the background. This effect is pulled off really well and focuses our attention on the subjects in the foreground whilst also making us curious to see what is happening behind them. The lighting he has used is just right as the subjects are not too bright, the result is a clean looking shine on the players as well as the floor of the court. The positioning of the players as well as their facial expressions makes them seem intimidating and aggressive, they are looking directly at the camera like they are challenging us.

Cannon has also used a studio for his portraits; his best studio work is with professional skydivers. The lighting used in these photos is very clean and balanced, it makes everything seem like fashion photographs rather the sports portraits but it works well. He uses a purple background that matches the skydivers jumpsuit he does that to create a neutral photo and keep the viewer focusing on the subject. I like Cannon’s unique use of lighting and use of location but i won’t be able to use them in my own photos.


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