Nobuyuki Taguchi

Nobuyuki Taguchi is a Japanese photographer living in England who travels to different cities to take unique street photographs. Taguchi has a very unique style running throughout many of his photographs, he always works with black and white at a high contrast; he often works with movement using low shutter speed and his photo all seem to be snapshots.

The vast majority of Taguchi’s work is taken on the streets of large European cities such as London and Venice, he takes large cityscapes but his best work is taken on the streets of the inhabitants and objects found on the street.  He uses a range of techniques and lenses to produce his work but my favourite is his work with a fisheye lens, he only uses it inside making the spaces seem huge and confuses the sense of space. His best fisheye photo was taken inside the natural history museum for this photo he has used a low shutter speed combined with HDR toning the shutter speed makes the museum seem busier and the HDR toning makes the image more striking because of the extra detail, all of this combined with the black and white used makes a normally dull photo seem unique and interesting.


His street photos are also very good; they seem to tell the stories of the people rather than just show the landscapes of the city. His street images all seem like snapshots and show people doing normal things these images should be boring but the way they are taken makes them seem personal almost like your taking the photo, I hope to capture the everyday in my photos.



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