Romain Jacquet Lagreze

Romain Jacquet Lagreze is a French Photographer and Visual Artist currently living in Hong Kong. He first began his photography in 2009 when he moved to Hong Kong and used it to document his new home. He has worked on two major projects while living in Hong Kong; Vertical Horizon and Wild Concrete these two books have been publish world wide including France, America and the UK.

His first project focuses on the high rises of Hong Kong, he shows the scale of these buildings by taking the images from either high or low angles this gives the images a point of view feel, the way these images are taken distorts the way the we look at them as even though we know they are vertical buildings they seem like the are landscapes which cleverly ties in with the vertical horizon name. The image ‘Vertical Horizon #17’ is interesting as it seems to have a religious feel to it, the building he has photographed looks as if it is a tunnel with the white clouds at the end which almost looks like a light, this is what many people see as the die this makes the photo seem like its a tunnel to heaven. My favourite photo from this series of images is ‘Vertical Horizon #86’ as it so perfectly shot is seems like it is horizontal, the more you look at the image the more your view of it changes.

vh-86 vh-17

His second major project ‘Wild Concrete’ focuses on trees and plants that are growing wildly on buildings in the middle of the busiest districts of Hong Kong. Romain see these trees as unexpected sprout of life redefining the relationship between man and the nature in an urban environment. Personally I am not a fan of this project as it seems a bit dull, however there are a couple of stand out images such as ‘Wild Concrete #27’ which shows pipes growing around tree roots, I like this images a the pipes and tree trunks are so similar each trying to fight for space.



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