Digital Portraits

For my series of digital portraits I decided to take a sequence of three sports portraits heavily inspired by the work of both Bruce Ely and James Cannon. All three of my images are supposed to be portraits used a player profile pictures but with a darker tone involved. Bruce Ely’s portraits for the Portland Trail Blazers use strong lighting but only from one side, this creates a strong shadow effect on the other half of the face. This effect makes the subject seem intimidating and like they are challenging the viewer, I liked this so I used it in my own portraits. Ely used a black studio background in his images but I decided use a white background as it makes the contrast between light and dark greater, I also adjusted the white balance on each image to create a better sense of colour.

I like James Cannon’s use of a studio however he uses very flat lighting making everything seem perfect, this makes the subjects look like models rather than elite athletes. Like both photographers my images were taken at a neutral angle making the subject on the same level as the viewer this makes the subject see  m intimidating yet challenging. The facial expressions used in my images are also essential to the overall photo, he looks neutral in all the photos making him very unintimidating, in all my photos he is making eye contact with the camera making the image seem very personal to the viewer almost like he is challenging us.

DSC_0198 DSC_0196 DSC_0194


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