Final Evaluation

For my final images I decided to produce a series of sport images within the a studio environment, these images were inspired by professional photographers like Bruce Ely and Bartlomiej Kopczynski. My goal for these images was to make them look as if they are shot on location rather than in a studio and I think I managed to achieve this with the lighting I used.

For two of my images I decided to keep them simple by using a simple lighting set-up and little post production, I only used two fill lights without soft boxes to create a hard light, I position each light to the side of the subject to create hard shadows on the face and make him look more intimidating. By not using soft boxes on my lights it gives off a lens flare which makes the photo seem like its taken a stadium rather than in a studio environment. For my first two images I decided to only adjust the brightness and contrast of the image in post production as I didn’t want the image to seem manufactured I think this helps my images to look like they are shot on location as they are not perfect. The camera angle I used these images is also very important as it was neutral and level with the subject making the viewer feel like they are looking directly at him but he is challenging them. These two images were inspired by sport photographer Bruce Ely who’s series of studio portraits for the Portland Trail Blazers were shot in a simile way to my own images but his images looked like the were shot I a studio and I didn’t want this.

DSC_0254 DSC_0270

My second two images were less successful in creating a non studio look as they have been heavily altered, I shot these images using the same lighting as my other images but added HDR toning to them, I like the effect this gives them and helps them stand out from other studio portraits as it rarely used in portrait photography, it gives the images a harder tone to them and works especially well with the boxing images. I saw an image by studio 8183 of a basketball player’s waist section I really liked this images so I tried to recreate this images with my own work, I think the HDR within the image is really effective highlighting the reflection of light and the sweat on the body.

h2 h


Airy Fairy Lighting

This lighting set-up is used with in fashion and commercial purposes and creates a bright all around effect. This lighting is made my placing two polly boards opposite two fill lights facing the subject, the photo is then taken in the gap between the boards. I like the effect the lighting gives but don’t think this setup will work with my own work.

Bartłomiej Kopczyński

Bartłomiej Kopczyński is a Polish photographer who produced a series of studio portraits using  high dynamic range (HDR) to add a surreal effect to them. His images follow a Police man and a solider and begin as standard portraits with a basic lighting set up but when HDR is added to the images is makes them unique from other boring portraits. The HDR effect is achieved when three photos taken at different exposures are placed together, this effect is rarely used in portrait photography and is commonly seen in landscape photography but I like the effect it gives to Kopczyński’s images and think it will be effective with my own sports images.

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Rembrant Lighting

Rembrant Lighting is a studio lighting set up commonly used for portrait photography. It consists of one fill light placed at an angle but facing the subject. This give a shadow affect to the persons face and if done correctly should create a triangular shadow on the subjects face. The way I used the lighting in this instance was wrong as the light was placed at too much of an angle which causes to much of a shadow. I like this lighting set-up and the shadow effect it creates and i hope to uses a variation of this set-up within my own portraits.

7n75A DSC_1685 DSC_1687

Butterfly Lighting

Butterfly Lighting is a studio technique commonly used for fashion and Product photography. At its most basic, Butterfly consists of a single light pointed directly at the subject straight on, and raised high enough to create a downward shadow on the subject. This causes a little ‘butterfly’ shadow to appear directly underneath the subject’s nose. I like the effect this lighting gives but I don’t think it would work with the sports images I am planning to produce

nNDxQ DSC_1674DSC_1679

Studio 8183

Studio 8183 is a photography studio based in Kansas, USA who shot a series of sport images within the studio, the resulting images are really unique. The way these images were shot gives a really gritty series of photos as they are very basic, the images were shot using only two fill lights on either side of the subjects this contrasts the black background perfectly and focuses all of our attention on the subject. The way the camera is set up is also key to these images, all these images were shot with a neutral camera angle even when the subject is bending down we are on the same level as him making it seem like we are observing him, his eye contact makes it seem like he is looking at us or challenging us this is something I want to use in my own images as it makes the image seem really personal to the viewer.

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I like the simplicity of these images and hope to use this in my own images, I like the contrast of the bright lights and the black background but I think this could be better as the images still seem set up. I want my images to look as if they are shot on location instead of in a studio and the lighting could help me achieve this.

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