Studio 8183

Studio 8183 is a photography studio based in Kansas, USA who shot a series of sport images within the studio, the resulting images are really unique. The way these images were shot gives a really gritty series of photos as they are very basic, the images were shot using only two fill lights on either side of the subjects this contrasts the black background perfectly and focuses all of our attention on the subject. The way the camera is set up is also key to these images, all these images were shot with a neutral camera angle even when the subject is bending down we are on the same level as him making it seem like we are observing him, his eye contact makes it seem like he is looking at us or challenging us this is something I want to use in my own images as it makes the image seem really personal to the viewer.

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I like the simplicity of these images and hope to use this in my own images, I like the contrast of the bright lights and the black background but I think this could be better as the images still seem set up. I want my images to look as if they are shot on location instead of in a studio and the lighting could help me achieve this.

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