The clothes show final images

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The Clothes show Plan

For my clothes show shoot I want to take photos in the style of street photographer Pol Ubeda Hervas but change them to become more commercial. In Hervas’s series of photos ‘I’m not there’ he has shoes with just a shadow which produces a surreal feel but you don’t focus on the shoes themselves which Is want I want to do, I like the thought of having a model but not being able to see them.

shadow-1 Im-Not-There6-640x640-620x620

Dynatrix is a collection of shoes photos but they are shot in a street style, the photos also have a commercial feel to the like they could be used as advertisements for the shoes companies. I really like these photos but wouldn’t shoot like this as it doesn’t fit the brief of combining art with fashion.

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The Clothes Show first ideas

Bobby Bruderle is a photographer who mainly works in documentary and portraiture, the way he combines these two is what makes him unique from other photographers.

05-IMG_0859-750x500 07-IMG_18821-750x500 11-IMG_31601-750x500

Dynatrix is a collection of photos showing sneakers in a street setting i ike that they don tshow the models only their legs


Pol Ubeda Hervas produced a series of street images of shoes with the shadows of their owners but with out the owners standing there, I like this but i would make the image more about the shoes and the fashion aspect of the images

shadow-1 Im-Not-There6-640x640-620x620