Product idea review


I like the Matching of the background and shoe, it gives a unique look and not something you would usually se in advertising. The close up only shows part of the shoe rather than the whole shoe.


I like the studio feel of this shot, even though it is on location, I like the way the shoes fade into the blackness of the background, I like the low angle that has been chosen that puts you on the level of the shoes.


I like the reflection of the shoe on the floor and the clean lighting that is used, I like the contrast of the black and gold, it really bring out the colour of the shoe.


There is too much space around the shoes and the chrome logo gives off to much of a glare, it also appears that the shoes are not central to the image


The way these images are composed give you an idea of what the clothes will look like without the need for a model which makes them perfect for product photography. Clean lighting makes the products look like how they will when they are out of the box.