Still Life Experimental Ideas

For my Still life images I decided to shoot shoes as they interested me and the photos I saw in my development were high quality. I didn’t want to go with normal product shots so I decided make the images stand out more so I took a more surreal approach. I hung the shoes from the ceiling using fishing wire I then edited the wire out in post production making the shoes look like they’re floating.


I wanted the images to still look like thy could be used in a catalogue so I used plain lighting, I did this by using two meter square soft boxes either side of the shoes which gives plain lighting that doesn’t distract from the product that is being advertised. Originally the shadows across the front of the shoes was too strong so I had to use a key Light in front shoes to neutralise the shadow. I shot the shoes at multiple angles but I though a neutral angle was the best for advertising. I don’t like they grey background, if i shot these images again that is the one thing that id change, I think it would work better with a pure white background.


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