Still Life Developed Images

For my Final images of the project I decided to stick with my original idea of having the shoes look like they’re floating but I felt like something needed to be added to them to make them really stand out. I’ve worked with Gel lighting before but never when doing product images, I thought that they would work well with the shoes I shot before because the colour from the Gel would work well with the white patches of the shoe.


When I used Gels before it has always been with a large object such a model, so it was challenging to have a small object it comparison. These images were technically difficult to shoot as there was so many aspects to get right, I had to first hang the shoe from a light stand, I then had the set the lighting up in a way that was best fit the size and shape of the shoe, I finally had to balance the light in a way that the lights wouldn’t overpower each other. I had the red light directly below the shoes and the blue light directly above, this gives deep colourful shadows you can see on the shoe.


The most challenging part was editing the background of each images to become even, the shoe was shot too far away from the back of the studio paper so each shot had a different amount of light on the back of the paper. I decided to completely edit the background to become grey as it contrast the colours used in the gels perfectly.


To give the shoe the appearance that it is floating I hung it from a light stand above the lights using fishing wire, I thought fishing wire would work well as it see through but it gave off a flare from the lights so I had to completely remove it in Photoshop using the stamp tool. Once I removed the wire it gave a small blurry line across the background so I added some noise and that fixed the problem.


If I was to shoot these images again I would defiantly shoot them on a black background, as the editing I have done to background is slightly different across all the images.


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