Architecture Final Images

For my architecture final images I took inspiration from American landscape photographer Mike Robinson, more specifically his series on abandoned buildings, I like the way Robinson captures the beauty of these structures that would normally be considered ugly by using simple photography techniques. I tried to replicate this technique but by using high contrast black and white, which I feel works well with the industrial style victorian buildings.

These were taken in Berrywood asylum, a now abandoned victorian asylum built during the industrial revolution which gives it a unique architecture style which contrast the newly developed surrounding area full of modern buildings. I thought that high contrast black and white would work well for these images as it not only gives them a creepy feel but also pays homage to how these were originally shot during the first area of photography. I did also shoot these on film and I wish the could have been presented on film but unfortunately when I was winding the film back in something when wrong and when I opened the back of the camera the whole roll was exposed. I think if i could have sorted the film out it would have really suited these images and made them complete.








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