FMP -Research Proposal

For my FMP I have multiple ideas I could expand on, I will first pursue each different idea before I am confident I know what I am going to do.

Documentary photography –                                                                                         This is my favourite field within photography as I like the power and influence it can have. If i was to do this I would like to follow a person or group or people to make the series of images really personal to the audience.


Commercial Photography –                                                                                            I really like working with products and I feel that this would be a good field to work on my FMP as there is so much that can be done with product photography. I would want to make my images stand out from other similar images by making them quite abstract while not distracting from the product that is being advertised.I would also like to work with bigger objects like cars as I have not worked with them in an advertising sense. I’m going to use a range of media as influence including English Videographer Liam Eyles and Photographer Matthew Seed.






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