FMP Commercial Photography Ideas

One Idea for my FMP is to shoot a series of commercial photos in an abstract way, weather that be through lighting or through physical means to make the shoot look like and illusion. I hope to shoot shoes in the studio and not on location as this will give the shoe a more surreal feel.

I hope to experiment with different lighting set ups that will be inspired by Jenny Van Sommers, her projects rely on the way the projects are lit and she often uses a range of gel lighting to make the products and backgrounds match seamlessly, this plays with yours eyes and its an effect I would really like the utilise.


Ben Scott is another inspiration for this project, he directed a bmx video called Kaleidoscope which is designed to confuse you. He uses lighting effects and long with camera angles and physical props to trick your eyes into thinking something is fake when its not, I love they way this is achieved through simple techniques and hope to somehow incorporate this into my own work.


In my last project I shot a series of images showing shoes levitating I liked the abstract feel of these images but I feel I could build on this and this is what I hope to achieve If i expand on this project.






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