FMP Lighting Experiment

One idea for my FMP is to shoot products in an abstract and unique way, I have used Gels before but only one of two, I wanted to use as many as possible to see the affect this gives. Unfortunately I could only get hold of three lights but though this would be sufficient to see how the lights play with each other.

Jenny Van Sommers image below does this in the perfect way, I wanted to see if I could recreate this soft gel lighting, I like they way the colour flow into each other smoothly without hard lines I wanted to see if it was possible to recreate this in my own work.


Straight away you can tell that the lighting is much harder than the previous image and the colours don’t combine with each other in the way I wanted, I think it works well on the actually shoe but they don’t play with each other on the background.


To shoot this I had a light head with a deep dish cover with a yellow gel on a floor stand behind the product table, I then had two lights with gels to the sides, the light on the left was at a higher angle and far from the shoe, and the light on the right was at a neutral angle to the shoe but close to the shoes. This set up Gave a harder light on the back of shoe but I was i would have moved all the lights further away from the table to make them softer, I could have also diffused the light more.


A problem I seem to have was the colours leaving a noticeable white line to the left of the shoes I tried to correct it by moving the lights and making adjustments to the power of the lights but in the end I figured out it was due to the shape of the table. I think this would work better with a flat surface, I would also like to try a more reflective surface to see what that does to the image. If I was to shoot this again i would do multiple shots to try and remove the reflection from the Jordan logo.





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