Ben Scott

Ben Scott is an english Director and photographer who owns the production company ‘Small Rebellion Films,’ he is known mainly for his commercial video work but has also worked with travel photography and commercial photography.

redbull3 (1)

His best work in my opinion is the video he made for Red Bull titled ‘Kaleidoscope’ which is a BMX video of rider Kriss Kyle set in an environment that is supposed to recreate the inside of a Kaleidoscope. The official description for this video is ‘Kriss Kyle is widely regarded as one of the most unique and creative BMX riders of his generation, and Kaleidoscope is his most ambitious project to date. This film sees the young Scot perform a number of world’s first tricks, in an ever-changing environment that isn’t quite what it seems leading to a ground-breaking BMX film.’ Scott’s style of production perfectly fits with the rider as he uses a range of techniques to make the riding and environment fit perfectly.


Scott’s best technique in this video is his use of anamorphic illusions where he uses paintings and camera angles to fool the viewer into think objects are real when they aren’t. This works really well for the video as it keeps us guessing as we are watching, this is something I would really like to try and recreate in my commercial images as I think it would work really well. The way Scott ties the paintings, objects, camera angles and lighting is what really pulls the video together as it creates a clean flow throughout each clip I love the way that you’re certain something is real and it ends up being fake, I would love to figure out a way to add this to my own work.



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