FMP Documentary Ideas

Another idea for my FMP is to shoot a series of images documenting derelict urban spaces and the people who go there, I hope to experiment with different mediums of photography like colour film, black and white film and digital images I then hope to decide which one is best and shoot the whole series on that medium.

My main inspirations for this project will be photographers like Don McCullin, Antonio Jaggie and Corey Arnold, all these photographers shoot for similar reasons but their methods and mediums are all different.

Don McCullin is a traditional photojournalist who was active throughout the 60s and 70s he shot on black and white film, and covered the how wars affect people involved in them as well as the people affected afterwards.

dm 16

Antonio Jaggie is an urban explorer from New York he shoots on with a DSLR and records the spaces that he finds inside the restricted areas of Manhattan.


Corey Arnold is a modern photojournalist and fisherman from Oregon who photographs the struggles of his job as well as other fishermen from across the world, he shoots with a DSLR as well as underwater cameras.

Ben and King

Bristol Bay commercial salmon fisherman Ben Thomas excited after landing a fresh 30 pound King Salmon


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