Jenny Van Sommers

Jenny Van Sommers is a commercial and still life photographer based in London, she has worked with clients from Audi to Vogue. She has a unique style which is really reflected by her work, each project is different but she somehow makes each one original so you won’t see another picture like it. Most of her work is taken in her studio in London where she experiments with different lighting and photographic techniques to create her finished advertising pictures.


I am a really big fan of her work I love how creative she is and how she constantly finds new ways to combine artistic photography with traditional commercial photography, her work is also perfect from a commercial point of view the products are always evenly lit as well as always being the centre piece of the photo even with all the other things in the photos. I really want to get the balance between the product and the photo right in my own work but I feel this may be difficult to achieve.


I really want to try to use her gel lighting set ups in my own work as i think it could work really well with shoes, I think the lights could play really well with an all white shoe as well as a white background.



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