Antonio Jaggie

Antonio Jaggie (Kostennn) is an American photographer and Urban Explorer from New York, he explores restricted areas throughout New York and documents the spaces that he finds. He has become one of the most popular photographer on the internet with over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone.


In my eyes Jaggie is a modern photojournalist he doesn’t document major events or even news stories, he finds things that most people wouldn’t even think about and documents the process of finding them. His Instagram page have given him the ability to become sponsored by clothing brands which is very unique in the world of photography, he directly links his photography to the skateboarding scene as he says he wants to be documented like a skateboarded he wants to be seen.


I am a huge fan of Jaggie’s work, I think he and other urban explorers have kick started a new scene and a new type of photography, his photos are more about documenting places that are directly related to him, it feels like they are personal photos that he shares with the world he shoots for himself and I would love this to come across in my own photographs.





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