Corey Arnold

Corey Arnold is an american fisherman and photojournalist currently based in Portland Oregon, Arnold documents his time at sea as well as the lives of his fellow fisherman, this makes his work feel really personal to the viewer as the people in his images are all his close friends and colleagues.


Arnold shoots only digital images and he does this using both DSLR’s and waterproof cameras, he documents his many trips on commercial fishing boats and tries to document the hard lives of the people working on them but he always shows how enjoyable the job can be and the what the workers do on their down time.


I am a big fan of Arnold’s work, I love how personal it becomes to the viewer by following the people on the trips, I like how natural they images become as the people in them aren’t posing, he documents their normal lives I would love include this aspect of Arnold’s work in my own work.

Brian Has Crabs


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