Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is Russian visual artist and documentary photographer currently based in Moscow. Tkachenko was born in Moscow in 1989 and has lived there ever since, he studied at the Rodchenko school of photography and multimedia where he gained a degree in documentary photography.


Tkachenko is currently working on a project called ‘restricted areas’ where he travels to the USSR’s ‘hidden cities,’ to find what has been left there. He shot this series on medium format film which compliments the background of the images perfectly; the snowy ground fades perfectly in with the grey sky which immediately brings our focus on the subject on the images. Tkachenko enters some of the worlds most contaminated places to get these photographs he is aware of the danger and states ‘People live their lives not far from these places, so I couldn’t allow myself to be afraid of contamination.’ This is why I feel that Tkachenko is a tradition photojournalist as he puts himself in seriously harmful situations to expose something most people don’t even know existed.


I love Tkachenko’s work I think his work is exactly the kind of thing I want to produce for my own project, I love the scale of his work and how he brings up a matter most people didn’t even know existed. I also think the way he shoots these images brings a real aspect of beauty to things that are considered really destructive.



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