Donald Weber

Donald Weber is a Canadian photojournalist born in Toronto 1973, he has  worked on many projects but his main bodies of work focus on the effect of world power. He has worked in many countries but he has an acute fascination with nuclear power and the effects it can have, because of this he has visited the most famous nuclear accident sites such a Chernobyl and Fukushima multiple times.



Weber likes to focus on the affect world power has on the people, he has done multiple projects working with the local people of Cherbobyl in Russia to see how the 1986 nuclear disaster not only affected the environment around the plant but the local residents of nearby villages. In some cases he has lived with the locals in their homes, this makes his images extra powerful as they start to become personal to the viewer as it feels like we are immersed in this experience.



I really like Weber’s work, the way he makes the images feel so personal to the viwer is something I would really like to try and caputure in my own work, I want to viewer to have an emotion response to the images and I think Weber’s work does this brilliantly.

Doanld Weber Interrogations


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