RAF Upwood

RAF Upwood is a former Royal Air Force Base near Peterborough in England, it was opened 1917 and closed in 1994. It currently stands mostly intact and is a hot spot for graffiti artist and urban explorers alike, however the hangers and runway are currently still used for industrial purposes.


RAF Upwood was opened by the royal air force base in 1917 to be used as a based for aircraft used in the on going war (world war one.) Initially it was just a runway but hangers and small buildings were added in 1918, Upwood was closed in 1919 and returned to the local community.


In 1934 the RAF announced a large expansion and Upwood was part of this, in 1936 the construction of two large hangers began to accommodate two bomber squadrons with room for a third. IN 1937 the first squadron arrived at Upwood adopting both Fairley Battle and Avro Anson type aircraft.


The beginning of World War Two was uneventful for the base and the squadrons based there however it was attacked twice, once in 1940 and again in 1942 killing one person. The end of the war was more eventful as in 1944 the base received a squadron a Lancaster bombers, these bombers took part in a number of bombing operations on Germany’s capital Berlin.


After the war a number of squadrons came and left but In 1960 the base was changed into a radio station, the base was then changed again in 1964 into a training centre for the RAF, it remained a training station until the late 1970s.


In 1981 Upwood was taken over by the United Stated Air Force who turned the base into a satellite station to support near by RAF Alconbury, finally in 1986 the base received a multimillion dollar medical facility to provide out-patient services to American military members. With the end of the cold war in 1991 the station was closed permanently by the USAF.

RAF Camp 1983


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