Further Photographic Development

Two other shoots have helped to really help to develop my style for this work, I visited an abandoned gym and petrol station, following my previous shoots I really wanted to focus on the idea of anonymity, so I shot solely with that in mind.


I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to wear dust masks to protect from the presents of asbestos, however they ended up complimenting my shooting style perfectly as it covered the majority of the subjects face.
The petrol station in particular had loads of holes in the structure which allowed light to spill in, I used this to my advantage and took some images trying to get get the light to spill on part of the subjects faces. In other shoots I really want to expand on this anonymity idea but by using photographic techniques instead of conventional methods, such as adjusting focus and shutter speed.
Props where also key in this shoot and they can really add something extra to a shoot, for this I bough along a pest control respirator mask. I feel this added a real narrative to the images as well as helping the anonymity part of the images. I want to bring some other items to shoots to add with this narrative aspect of the images.
I also feel there was a changed in my framing on these shoots as before I was solely focused on either the space or the person in these shoots I started to try and combine each aspect I feel this worked really well and I want to stick to this in my next shoot.

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