RAF Upper Heyford Photo Review

On the second trip of my FMP project I visited Raf Upper Heyford just outside Bicester, unfortunately the majority of the base was closed to the public but just across the road was the old living area of the base which is where the photos were taken.


From the first shoot I learned that I preferred shooting film than digital images so the photos from this trip were predominately shot on film, which in retrospect might have been a mistake. The majority based was enclosed tight corridors and rooms which received little sunlight which means that I had to shoot on a low shutter speed to expose the photo to enough light unfortunately this left the majority of the photos blurry and unusable.
There was a warehouse in the base which was covered in sand this worked very well with the colour film as there was also graffiti on the walls which made a great environment for colour. There were a couple of photos that I am quite happy with as they make the identity’s of the people i’m with more anonymous, I like this idea I want to expand on it a bit more in other shoots as I feel like it adds more of a narrative to the images and gets the viewer asking questions.

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