RAF Upwood Photo Review

My trip to RAF Upwood allowed me to take the first experimental photos for my FMP, RAF upwood is a Royal Air force base just south of Peterborough and was closed in  1995, the base is now a hot spot for graffiti artists and photographers alike.


When first planning the trip I wanted to go only shooting on a digital platform using a DSLR but after doing research into other photographers like Don McCullin and Danila Tkachenko I realised that I wanted to experiment with the different types mediums that were available so I decided to take two film cameras one loaded with colour film and one loaded with black and white film.
Scan 12
At this stage I didn’t have a plan of what I wanted to shoot or a certain style of shooting so I took a wide range of photos of both the spaces and the people that I was with. My initial idea for this project was to really focus on the people that went to these places but once shooting I really liked the spaces that were available, I had not seen another place like this before and the spaces that we found needed to be documented.
Once I had printed and edited all the photos I took on that trip I was surprised as I really like the look and feel of both the colour and black and white prints, with the black and white prints being my favorite of the two. I think the control you can have over the print is what makes it favorable but I also think the time and effort it took to do the prints is shown in them.
Scan 2
I really like this place and it is defiantly one of the best spaces I’ve visited, however I feel my personal style of shooting is lacking and once i have developed this style I want to return to shoot some more images.

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