Elle Dunn

Elle Dunn is a self taught photographer from France currently living in the UK. Dunn was born in 1985 and grew up in the countryside of the Maine et Loire Valley in France, she then moved to Britain in 1999 and has lived there ever since. She began exploring inner city abandonments in her spare time and later became a self-taught photographer in the aim of capturing the transience of decay, Graduating in 2006 with a degree in Film history, she has since devoted herself to both documenting hundreds of architectural rarities which are continuously under the threat.


During an interview Dunn commented on her work; ‘My photographic work is dedicated to the art and fetish of urban and rural decay throughout the U.K and Europe. Each image that I have taken represents a fleeting moment of my time passed in the darkest recesses of a building. Some of these private moments shared with my audience include time passed in the seclusion room of an old asylum, the uncertain reflections of disused pool or dirty light rays penetrating the small windows of a contaminated industrial plant. I enjoy photographing derelict buildings in solitude and in the future I aim to continue evolving my creativity within these obsolete spaces.’  This statement really accurately sums up Dunn’s work all her images are subjective and have a narrative behind them they make the audience question what is happening within them, I believe Dunn really enjoys this story tale type of image and like to explore what happened in these places when they were still in use.


I feel that Dunn’s images and my images may appear to be very similar but in fact they are completely different, I don’t like how subjective her images are, I think they are too arty for my personal liking. I do however like the idea that she tries to recreate what might have happened in these spaces, I think it is a great contrast with the decaying background. I would like to do something like that within my own work but it wouldn’t fit with documentary piece idea.



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