Andrew Moore

Andrew Lambdin Moore is an American photographer and filmmaker known for his large format colour photographs of Detroit, Cuba, Russia, the American High Plains, and New York’s Times Square theaters, he has had his work displayed in multiple galleries and has been published in multiple newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times and Nation Geographic Harper’s Magazine.


Moore’s best work comes from his project titled ‘Detroit’ in which he photographs various derelict buildings from houses to factories, Moore tries to show not only what is left of the buildings but what they are currently being used for. He shoots on a large format camera which gives you a real scope of the size of the buildings and warehouses he goes to.  “There are hundreds of possible books that can be made about Detroit, But what I was focused on was the idea that in an urban setting you could also have a landscape happening, the forces of nature intersecting with American urbanism, the process of decline also intersecting with the revival of nature.” When asked about his work Moore provided this quote, this quote really gives us an insight into Moore’s  thought process behind the project. I believe he wanted to show the true scale of structures that are abandoned in a way no other photographer does.


I really like Moore’s images they give you a real perspective of what its like to be in these immense structures, however his style is not something that I want in my images as mine are more based around documentary photography.






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