Final Shoot Ideas

For my final shoot I plan to take a trip to Kettering Football Club’s old ground, the ground has been abandoned since 2011 so will be one of the newest places I have visited, meaning that it will be mainly intact. The stadium is also much more open than the other places I have visited so it will be interesting to see how the people interact with an open space.


Throughout the most recent shoots I have focused on both the spaces and the people that are there I hope to continue to shoot in this style, I also have tried to not make the people the main focus of the images and I think this will really show in such an open space. I have also tried to make light a focus of the most recent shoots and how to see how light is affect in such an open environment.



Elle Dunn has been in influence in the most recent shoots and I hope to include a few props in this shoot, I hope to incorporate a football into the shoot at some point but it may not fit the rest of my images. Weather is also a concern in this shoot as if it was to rain it was be extremely difficult to shoot in such an open space. Like the past shoots I am going to shoot on both film and digital media, however I am only taking colour film this time as I will not have time to print a whole series of black and white images.





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