Fashion Shoot Moodboard


Fashion Shoot Plan

The first thing I am going to do is meet the student and get some ideas and thoughts for the shoot, I am then going to look at the students work and give my input, I am then going to create a mood board and send it to student so they can pick images they like.

I am then going to visit different locations and shoot, I will then show the student to have their opinion on the location to see if it will work well the clothing. Once the location is chose I plan to visit each location with a model to see if it works well with the inclusion of a person, once this is done plans for the final shoot will be made. Once everything is planned I will bring all of the equipment as well as the model to the location where i will meet with the student to collect the clothing and shoot.

Mood Board Explanation


This image was produced by hanging the shoe and shooting it multiple times with different ares all equally exposed, what ever was used to hang the shoe was removed in the post production.



Similar to the previous images these were all shot by using different correctly exposed images and sticking them together, however the reflection from the floor was achieved by placing the shoes on a black cloth with glass over top.



This like the other images was shot using glass to create the reflection, however the lighting used in this creates a clean fade into the background



This image was shot using only one light, but it was shot so the light fades into the background


This image was shot using gel lighting as well as hanging the shoes, the gel lighting was shot by having the blue light at the bottom and the purple one at the top, this creates the clean blend of light you see throughout the Image.