Exhibition Statement of Intent

For my final exhibition I plan to present my work as series of mounted images as well a collection of objects I found at the places I visited. I plant to use around four images mounted on the wall using foam board to the wall. I want to incorporate the rest of my images into the exhibition by having them later out on a table, this will make it more interactive for the audience as they can root around my images. To accompany the images I hope to have a table with all the items I have collected from the places I’ve visited this ranges from files to a suitcase. 


Exhibition marketing

There were multiple ways in which the marketing of the exhibition took place, the first major one was the leaflets that were created by the fellow students involved, these leaflets were handed out throughout the town centre to make the public aware of the exhibition times and location. 

Another way the exhibition was marketed was using large posters, this had to be places within the exhibition centre as the threat of vandalism was possible, this posters displayed our work as well as information about the exhibition. 

The final way the exhibition was promoted was through social media, multiple members of the class used their photography accounts on the Internet to raise awareness for the exhibition. 

Exhibition Review

My exhibition went really well and better than I expected it to, my work is how I invisioned it however there was more items than I expected, I took a last minute decision to use my negative images as well as my finals, I believe this added an  extra dimension to my work as the audience could see how my image began and how it finished. My exhibition piece was really different to anyone else’s as the audience could really interact with it, they could pick things up and move them as well as find out information about the places I visited and the people I went there with.

Final Fashion Images

DSC_0060DSC_0062DSC_0076DSC_0086DSC_0100DSC_0109The Final images I produced for my fashion shoot came out extremely well, the images came out exactly how I expected them to. The location was perfect for the dresses that were used, the contract between the pink of the dresses and the green of the foliage in the location worked really well in my opinion. Another thing that make this images work well was the flow of the dresses used the worked well with the nature in the background and created a feel as if the dresses were the representing the weather, this is especially true for the grey dress which blended well with the grey sky as well as the windy weather.

Fashion Shoot Week Two

At this stage of the shoot I have generated ideas with my client and have agreed on the type of images that need to be shot, this was done by creating a mood board with a vast range of ideas and narrowing ideas down. We have also agreed on a location to shoot the final images, this was done by shooting a range of different locations and agreeing which one looked the best. The next stage will be to shoot a model at the location to see if the location works well with models,  once this is done the final shoot will happen.

Fashion Shoot Plan

The first thing I am going to do is meet the student and get some ideas and thoughts for the shoot, I am then going to look at the students work and give my input, I am then going to create a mood board and send it to student so they can pick images they like.

I am then going to visit different locations and shoot, I will then show the student to have their opinion on the location to see if it will work well the clothing. Once the location is chose I plan to visit each location with a model to see if it works well with the inclusion of a person, once this is done plans for the final shoot will be made. Once everything is planned I will bring all of the equipment as well as the model to the location where i will meet with the student to collect the clothing and shoot.