Martin Parr

Martin grew up in many places including London, Surrey and Yorkshire but he now lives in Bristol. In many of the places he grew up he lived in the suburbs which helped to develop his photographic style, which is subjective and he tries to show tradition aspects of life

Many of his photos look like a snapshot style, for example he takes photos of people on the beach and of food

During the thatcher era he took most of his work at beaches and tried to show things like class in his work

Parr was considered very british in style as he tried to show how things really are



German arts school:

Jurgen Teller- Photo diaries- Fashion photographer- snapshots

Wolfgang Tillsman- Fashion photographer- diaries- honesty- doesn’t like arty photohraphy

Albert Rener Patzsch- Commercial photographer- ‘photography should be art’

August Sander- Pre world war one photographer- recorded people emotions through photography- commercial photographer- followed the German economic collapse

Bernd Becher- Objective- Documentation- Compairing architecture

Thomas Ruff- Studio photographer- Large 6ft photographs- Compares people

Thomas Pemand- Creates reality- ‘photos can trick you’


Most expensive photo ever sold, £340,000- massive scale photos- High angles, Far away, panoramics, edits photos- classic Victorian composition, dull, globalisation- Gursky’s photos can’t be replecated- when reality doesn’t look right he creates it

Contextual Studies

Record evidence

Story Telling


Share- opinions, Ideas, Experience

Rodger Fenton- 1850- Commercial photographer- Took photos to sell

Fay Godwin- Landscape photographer- Artist- exhibitor- Tries to create feelings

Chris Killip- Social photographer- Photographs findings- showed bad parts of society- 1980

Rut Bless Luxembury- Artist- Cities at night- Creates feelings- Street photography- Tells stories- Inturbritations

Gursky- Complex- Changing- Interpretations of the relationships between light, time etc.- High view points- Art- Expensive- Shot on film- Edits photos- Different viewpoints together

Henri Cartier Bression- Best example of photography- 1920